Presentation from July 2008

10-minute presentation

“As soon as you find the key to success, someone changes the lock.”

My topic is Internet Use – Consumer Expectations TODAY.

As a web developer and BUSINESSMAN, I’m not looking for just anybody who wants a web site or a better web site just because they think they need it. Sure I do hosting and design, but everybody’s brother-in-law’s cousin’s college kid does that. I’m looking for business people who want to be on top of how consumers use the web and how it affects their expectations of today’s businesses.

In front of you is an article I wrote earlier this year called “Buffalo Time Machine” that talks about how ever-changing technology – especially the web – can be predicted by simply paying attention.

One of the best ways to do this is by having teenagers. They use the web – and cell phones and music and games – in ways we could never anticipate. {discuss}  The point is that THEY are your target audience – if not immediately, then in a few short years.

They play by different rules. What do they expect?

  • Buying online
  • Customer service by multiple channels (web site info, chat)
  • Networking with other consumers
  • Sending and receiving documents electronically, NOT fax or mail

So how do I fit in all this?

  • Remedial assistance – use of email and a web site
  • CRM communications
  • Customer empowerment
  • Business networking following social networking models

So what should you look for?

  • Business people who don’t know where to go next, but know they should be going SOMEWHERE
  • People who are starting to “get it”

What SHOULDN’T you look for?

  • People who dwell on “not getting this computer stuff”
  • People who have a web site or hosting who want to save money – it’s NOT a commodity in my area of the market

What should you say to prospects?

  • The web developer I know leads people “by the hand” and takes businesses and organizations “to the next level”
  • They are always interested in meeting people from various fields and industries and would be willing to sit down with you to see how he could help


There is no reason to be left behind.  If you can’t keep up on business trends, surround yourself by people who do.  Get the new keys BEFORE someone changes the lock.

And when it comes to Internet-related aspects of the marketplace, business people don’t need just any web designer or host.

They need me.

Southtowns Animal Hospital

This is a meticulously designed site, one of the more creative layouts executed by KENTROPOLIS.

Roofmasters Roofing

The design was a collaboration between KENTROPOLIS and Bill Brown at Roofmasters Roofing, who now manages the content.

Country Dentistry

Dr. Neil Scott, one of the only 24-hour dentists in the area, attributes much of his success to his site and regularly receives compliments on it from clients .

Echoes Through Time


This site showcases the services of living history educators at the Echoes Through Time museum and learning center, formerly at Eastern Hills Mall, Williamsville, NY, now in Springville, NY.  This is a redesign and combining of two earlier sites, also developed by KENTROPOLIS, the other of which was a research archive.

The Franciscan Center


This is the second incarnation of their website by KENTROPOLIS, recently converted to a blog format for easier maintenance and organization.

Mercy & Stewardship


This website was designed to facilitate the ongoing theme of environmental stewardship for the “Spirit of Mercy” committee of Mount Mercy Academy, a young women’s high school in South Buffalo.


Our Lady of the Sacred Heart


One of the largest parishes in Western New York, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart didn’t have a real web presence before KENTROPOLIS.  The design takes visual elements from the church itself, from marbled background textures to stain-glass windows.


P & B A

The Professional and Businessmen Association is a fraternal organization that evolved from local Polonia merchant associations.  With roughly half of fellow members being retired or retirement age, I worked uphill with resistance to already common technology and started off with a simple site, updated once or twice per year. 

In 2011, emails were available for a quarter of the membership and a list-serv was set up for function reminders and other communication in between the quarterly print newsletter.

Period Paper Artisan

As a favor, I set up a single-page site for an artist friend we met at the Erie County Fair years ago.  John did “marbling” — a lost art of painting paper with various techniques.  Changes in his work situation required closing the site, which featured a video placed on multiple video channels.  The page design textures incorporate scans of his actual work.


Just to let you know how pleased I am with your work in setting up my website.  The results are great.  The contacts increased by about 500% and orders doubled since the website went up. Many thanks for your good work and patience with my website needs.

Wally, Abbott Appraisals