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Our Assurance

Personal Service

Your will never be a number to us. You will always have a contact person with individual contact information (usually me). There is no large-scale help desk because we deal with every issue personally, at any time.

Limitation of Costs

All costs will be discussed before the start of any work, and there will never be any billing for services that are agreed upon without stating the cost up front. In other words, no surprises.

All packages and service levels include occasional basic changes, adjustments, and most software updates. Any excessive changes, exceptional upgrades, extremely high resource use, etc., will be discussed when such occurs and will be provided and cost agreed upon at that time. The addition of special capabilities, software integrations, or upgrades of service packages also are subject to this assurance.

We will notify you of any increase in the cost of any service that affects you. However, in over 17 years, we have never raised ongoing prices for any existing customer, and have in some cases decreased them.  On occasion, we may agree to bill based on expected use with a plan to reevaluate at a set time to adjust cost up or down based on actual use of services. (This is typically for highly managed projects.)

Support & Consultation

You are entitled to support as necessary to use any services we provide, as well as training of new staff from time to time. If large-scale or ongoing training is required, billing will be discussed and agreed upon. Within reason, we will spend whatever time we can to help you make the best of our services. Existing clients don’t get charged for general consultation, so you will never feel like the meter is running.

Intellectual Property Ownership

Any work we do in terms of original content and/or design is our copyright, but given to and otherwise owned by the client for any and all lawful use, and likewise for any entity such may be transferred to in the future.  The only limitation is that our name and association be removed upon significant changes of the work, and if not significantly changed that no other third-party copyright be claimed.

Credibility & Reputation

You are encouraged to communicate with any of our clients, past or present, as to the integrity and quality of our service. Out of hundreds of relationships, we have had less than a handful of problematic ones, and have always done our best to help pass the torch if and when the client chooses to use another company or service.

Personal Statement

I, Ken Stuczynski, assure these policies as the owner of “Kentropolis Internet Community” for as long as you are our client.

Client Assurance

As a client of Ken Stuczynski dba Kentropolis Internet Community, you understand and agree to these courtesies:

Providing Necessary Content and Guidance

By default, we attempt to use whatever information or marketing materials you may already have available, and then make changes as necessary. If you do not have such materials, we may develop some basic content and graphics, but encourage you to compose copy or acquire photos.

The goal is to have a viable first draft that will not have to be completely redone because it wasn’t what you wanted. If you are unsure what you want, you are encouraged to discuss competitor’s or other sites so we can determine together what will work for you.

But in the end, we cannot make bricks without straw – it is your responsibility to provide us with at least the basic information necessary to complete the work. Delay or not providing content may delay the project, or we may request payment of balance due with assurance we will complete such work when the client is ready.

Communication Format

Physical transfer of text or images should be avoided. If you have a word-processed page or ad, don’t print or scan – send the original electronically so we may copy and paste. Excessive retyping or transfer of written notes may incur a word-processing fee. For quality purposes, photos or other graphics should be original, not scans, and ideally in a large, uncompressed format. We will help you through this process if there is any question.

Timely Payment

New work may require a deposit, or paid in full if a small billing or under pressure of a near deadline. This will be discussed and agreed upon before work begins.

Most ongoing billing is yearly (for the following 12 months of service) and invoices are typically sent near the end of the month before the anniversary of the service, due before the end of that month. Late payment MAY incur a nominal late fee (usually $10), and termination of service does not exempt the client from payment of half or more pro-rated service if not canceled by the client. Accounts that are suspended (but not terminated) will incur a $50 reinstatement fee, and there is no credit for time suspended.

HOWEVER, if a client notifies us of a temporary inability to pay, there will be NO LATE FEES or danger of suspension. We will do everything we can to be flexible to help your cash flow. Historically, the only time we have ever suspended or terminated an account is because the client would not return correspondence.

Working Together

We want you to see us as part of your team. By clearly and regularly communicating, we ensure the kind of amazing working relationship we have with other clients.  Our work isn’t meant to be “fire and forget”, so don’t forget us when you have any questions or requests. We would rather make your service shine than let it ride. And your service and results should be evaluated from time to time – We’ll take the time if you will.