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Your Needs – Our Solutions

Every business, every project, every brand’s needs are different. We will find the natural choice of strategy for your web presence, and implement it for you in a way that makes sense.
The Internet will become a measurable asset for you, not an unknown liability.

A Usable Website – Professional Web Design

This isn’t about flashy graphics or technical magic.  It’s about your message, to a target audience that wants it easy to find the information they need to do business with you.

Layout.  Organization.  Common Sense.  Our site design represents your real-world business, and we translate your existing literature and branding into the web medium.  And if you don’t have marketing copy, we can help you with that, too.

A Responsive Webmaster – Prompt Site Management

Unless you’re doing a total redesign, updates and changes ought to be made in hours and days, not weeks and months.  We can even do many small changes while on the phone with you.  No other web developer we’ve heard of can match that.

It’s common that a “webmaster” can’t be reached for long periods or disappear altogether.  We are reachable in person nearly always, or we will respond promptly without fail.  You are our full-time business, not a side project.  That’s why we’ve been around over 10 years, a lifetime in our industry.

Competing with the Best – Magento E-Commerce Solutions

Yes, it is no problem for us to integrate PayPal e-commerce capabilities for small projects.  But if you’re serious about competing with ANYONE in your industry, you can’t look like every other site made out of a  box.  The Magento shopping cart system has features you expect from world-class retailers, and we can give you just that.

Search Engine Results – Extended SEO (SEOx™)

The hidden code on a web page is the bare minimum for a search engine to list you properly.  But Google, the dominant player, heavily  ranks your site based on external factors.  This why we “extend” your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into the web itself with linkbacks from other sites, such as press releases, discussion forums, social media, and video channels.

Measurable Advertising – Google AdWords Campaign Management

Never in history has it been easier to plan execute, and measure an advertising budget.  If your business is primed to take advantage of visitors and convert them into buyers, it’s only a matter of getting visitors.  With Google AdWords, we develop campaigns for you based on specific keywords, and you set the budget and pay only by the number of visitors (“pay-per-click”).  We help you calculate what visitors are worth, and after an effective campaign is established, it’s simply a matter of spending whatever you like to get a continuous, proportionate return.

Vital Response Marketing – Social Media Training & Development

The old Internet of information is gone.  Generation Y outnumbers the Baby Boomers as of 2010, and they — along with all other age groups — communicate in myriad ways using Social Media.  They trust other consumers more than any advertising, and demand conversation with and about you publicly.  They will even share their experiences and opinions without you, so participating in the discussion is vital not only to maintain your brand image, but to build awareness the way it must be done — virally, through everyday people online.

That is social media.  Facebook.  Twitter.  LinkedIn.  These and other venues offer you the opportunity to grow (and protect) your brand in the most effective way it works in today’s marketplace.  Thanks to Social Media, the Internet is the “now” tool for the timeless process of word-of-mouth advertising, and it can get results impossible a few years ago.

The degree of participation is up to you, and the results follow accordingly.  But avoid it at your own risk.  And for businesses that don’t have the time to build and manage their Social Media footprint, we set it up to empower your satisfied customers and fans of your brands to have it take off with a life of its own.  We even have ghostwriters to manage your presence on multiple venues.

Sales and Lead Acquisition – Landing Page Implementation

If your goal is lead acquisition or direct online sale of a specific product or service, a Landing Page is for you.  This is a site or page that is not like a brochure people can browse, but a carefully crafted, linear web experience that takes a visitor through a step-by-step sales process.

The result is a list of sales or opt-in contact information for potential customers.  We can even help you develop copy if you don’t have it, and this works wonderfully with Google AdWords.

Showcasing Your Expertise – Blogs and Web Video

Visibility builds Credibility.  Credibility builds Profitability.  It’s simple formula that the web was practically made for, but doesn’t happen by accident.  Providing your target audience with information that has value places you in their trust.  White papers and educational videos are a great start, and that is what we show you how to do.

But there’s another dimension beyond having your name on useful data — Time.  Blogging and “micro-blogging” (Twitter, etc.) give them a reason to stay in touch, to regularly receive value from your tips, wisdom, or even special deals.  This is what email campaigns (e-newsletters) are designed to do.  This is “Drip Marketing”, and if done properly, develops more than a Social Media fan base — it is a pool of eventual clients.

And content can be online forever.  The more you publish and archive, the more opportunity to build site traffic and become the authoritative “Go To” source for your product or service.

Untangling the Web – Plain-Language Consultation

The Internet isn’t complicated … or rather doesn’t have to be.  It is designed for anyone to use.  If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t transact trillions of dollars worth of business over it each year — and they do.

We take businesses leaders and their staff by the hand, removing fear and explaining the benefits and process in language even a non-computer user can understand.