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Fully Mobile Responsive Design Websites

Since 2015, all our web design is “Smexy” (“Mobile-Sexy”). It’s not just an alternative version for phones or tablets, but all element layouts fully responsive (self-adjusting) for all screen shapes and sizes automatically. Today, you should demand no less for your site — your customers already do.

Flagship Web Design & Development Projects

These websites are some of the more extensive projects we developed and currently manage. They go above and beyond in terms of design and functionality.

Trifinity Wellness

Class Registration | Appointment Scheduling | Fully Mobile-Responsive

A new fitness entrepreneur with big dreams — to offer classes and personal training online. But the complexity of her business model required a software combination with some punch, and saving a fortune in time managing the details and billing. A bright and friendly design doesn’t hurt either.

Grand Lodge of the State of New York (Freemasons)

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION | Multiple Target Audiences | Member Acquisition Process | Complex Interactive Map | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Over several years, we transitioned NYMaosns.Org from a more traditional design to a modern one focused on friendly branding.

Ralph Sirianni (Veteran Artist)

ARTIST | Extensive Image Portfolios & Showcasing | Blog Format | Fully Mobile-Responsive

The third incarnation of the site in over 15 years, the design uses the artist’s work as a backdrop.

The North Ridge (Star Wars FanForce Chapter)

Fan Club | Multi-Purpose Site | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Earlier award-winning versions of the site evolved into its current design in 2016, making it more visually modular while maintaining most of its thematic elements.

Native Offerings Farm (CSA)

E-Commerce System  | Complex Customer and Delivery Management | Fully Mobile-Responsive

With multiple pickup locations and complex options, replacing simpler store and payment systems with a full e-commerce solution was a necessity. 

The Reiki Healing Center

Alternative Health Treatment & Classes  | Event Registration | Fully Mobile-Responsive

This site features a robust event calendar and event registration system with countless features, transforming and revitalizing the center’s core business process.

Head & Heart International

Consultant | Highly-Detailed Design | Fully Mobile-Responsive

WNY Honey Producers Association

Industry Organization | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Tally's Marine

Business-to-Business | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Christina E. Stock

Social Media Freelancer | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Country Dentistry

24-Hour Dentist | Testimonials | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Excellence Takes Effort

Motivational Speaker & Success Coach | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Madonna Council (Knights of Columbus)

Community Organization | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Main Street Agency

Insurance Agency | Multiple-Service Organized Content | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Mayumi Hirtzel

Personal Author Site | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Professional & Businessmen's Association

Local Business Fraternity | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Omara Engineering

Engineering Firm | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Omara Engineering

Service Portfolio | Fully Mobile-Responsive

Previous Flagship Site

Hillside Home Delivery

E-Commerce System  | Complex Customer and Delivery Management | Fully Mobile-Responsive

When a local milkman came out of retirement to serve a quarantined community, it was time for the works. The site was made for registered customers to manage their own accounts, even down to a self-reporting refund request system and an option for credit toward future orders. An order export system was added for the ordering of products for each of three delivery regions, set automatically by zip code, and importable into a route calculator app for the drivers. And it was developed in record time, just under eight (8) days.